Brian Cunningham's Hair Beauty and Style Awards 2022

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In Partnership With

Running the show

Our Host for the Wexford Event

Our Host is Broadcaster & Fashion Designer Brendan Courtney with an esteemed panel of judges from the beauty and fashion industry.

A showcase of the best of Hair Beauty and Style

It's past time to appreciate their contributions to the industry.

From Salons & Boutiques to the amazing individuals that work within them, The Hair Beauty and Style Awards aims to demonstrate appreciation for those in the beauty business who leave us looking and feeling fantastic.


19 Awards
Per Region


24 Awards
Per Region


12 Awards
Per Region
The Award Process

How it works

The People of Ireland will be asked to vote in a range of categories as to who they believe should win the accolade. The top three companies/individuals will be shortlisted post the closing period and the shortlist will be asked to submit a presentation showcasing why they should win the accolade. This will be passed to our esteemed panel of judges, and they will decide who should win each category.